Florida Space Update

Launch Support Upgrades at KSC: NASA trumpets milestone in potential Mars travel: System reviews NASA announced new strides in the agency’s efforts with key contractors to develop the ground systems at the Kennedy Space Center to support future Space Launch System exploration vehicle launches of the Orion space capsule with astronauts on mission of deep […]

Commercial Space Transportation

Crewed Missions to ISS in 2017: Human space flight from Florida next year ‘realistic,’ experts say Boeing and SpaceX, partners in NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, appear ready to resume human launches from Central Florida by the end of next year. Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX’s Dragon crewed vehicle will transport international astronaut crews to the […]

Orion and Space Launch System

Orion Supports Deep Space Exploration: Moon or Mars? Lockheed preps Orion for deep space adventure Orion, the new human spacecraft NASA is developing with Lockheed Martin, will be capable of starting astronauts on deep space missions, whether their destination is the moon or Mars. Under NASA’s Journey to Mars plan, astronauts would first journey to […]

International Space Station

ISS and Commercial Space: Commercial competition finding way onto ISS Aerospace Daily and Defense Report (4/11): Increasingly, commercial competition is making its way to the six-person International Space Station. Competitors Orbital ATK and SpaceX are providing access through their NASA resupply contracts. Made in Space, for instance, recently delivered the Additive Manufacturing Facility, a 3-D […]

2016 Elections – Human Space Exploration Update

Stability is Message to Candidates from NASA Leadership: Bolden seeks stability for NASA in upcoming transition NASA Administrator Charles Bolden hopes the change that comes with a new U.S. presidential administration will not disrupt a current civil space policy focused on resuming human deep space exploration and a goal of reaching Mars with astronauts in […]

Commercial Space Transportation Update

Feb 15-19, 2016 Cygnus Resupply Mission Completed: Cygnus ending OA-4 mission at ISS with high praise and success Launched Dec. 6, Orbital ATK’s latest commercial resupply mission docked to the six-person International Space Station three days later, delivering more than 7,000 pounds of food, clothes and research equipment. The capsule departs the station early Friday, […]

Orion and Space Launch System Update

Feb 15-19, 2016 SLS Exploration Upper Stage: NASA moves to enforce early switch to EUS for SLS Despite a reduction in spending for the Space Launch System in NASA’s proposed 2017 budget, space agency engineers are looking at an upgrade of the exploration rocket’s second stage for Exploration Mission-2, the first piloted test flight of […]

International Space Station Update

Feb 15-19, 2016 Space Farming: Space farmer Scott Kelly harvests first “space zinnia” grown aboard Space Station After cultivating romaine lettuce and zinnia flowers aboard the International Space Station with the help of NASA’s marathon astronaut Scott Kelly, NASA intends to grow tomatoes in the veggie greenhouse. Fresh fruit and vegetables could be an important […]

Florida Space Update

Feb 1-12, 2016 NASA’s FY2017 Budget Good for KSC: Cabana: Proposed NASA budget ‘great’ for KSC Robert Cabana, director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, sizes up the proposed NASA budget for 2017. The spending plan should permit the space agency to continue the development of exploration systems that will send humans on future missions of […]