International Space Station

Scott Kelly:  PBS to document Scott Kelly after historic Space Station stay in ‘Beyond a Year in Space’  PBS plans a follow-on documentary detailing NASA astronaut Scott Kelly’s return to Earth, following a 340-day mission to the International Space Station in 2015-16. Beyond a Year in Space promises to look into the health challenges of a long mission to Mars and introduce some of the astronauts who are making preparations.

New Space Mission Assignments:  NASA just picked these astronauts to fly in space in 2018  On Wednesday, NASA assigned veteran astronaut Drew Feustel and first timer Janette Epps to launches to the International Space Station in March and May of 2018. Epps will become the first African-American to serve aboard the 15 nation orbiting science laboratory.

Views of Earth from ISS:  European astronaut captures incredible views of our beautiful planet  European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet has captured and shared camera views of the Earth since moving aboard the International Space Station in mid-November.

Lettuce on ISS:  Come again? KSC space lettuce on ISS menu  Just a year ago, U.S. astronauts where experimenting with a small green house aboard the International Space Station called Veggie for growing red lettuce. This year, they are nibbling leaves of the fresh leafy vegetable and experimenting with techniques to hasten its growth.

Citizens for Space Exploration – a pro-space, taxpayer, grassroots advocacy group Citizens Space Explorateion_logo( – has traveled to Washington, D.C. the past 24 years to meet face-to-face with Members/staff of Congress to discuss the value of America’s investment in space exploration. In order to sustain that dialogue on a regular basis, Citizens distributes “Space Exploration Update” to Congressional offices on a weekly basis. The intent is to provide an easy, quick way to stay abreast of key human space exploration program and policy developments.