Orion and Space Launch System

Human Space Exploration Update (August 14-30, 2017) Orion “Power Up”:  NASA powers up spacecraft that could one day carry humans to Mars  Orion, the human spacecraft that Lockheed Martin is developing for future NASA missions of human deep space exploration, was powered up in its latest configuration on Tuesday at the Kennedy Space Center. The capsule is […]

International Space Station

Human Space Exploration Update (August 14-30, 2017) Honoring Peggy Whitson:  NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson honored by ‘Makers’ as trailblazing woman in space (video)  Astronaut Peggy Whitson has been honored by a trail blazing group of women called “Makers.” A biochemist, Whitson has commanded the International Space Station twice in three long duration missions to the orbiting science […]

Titusville Area Visitors Council Update – May 2017

New Board Members  were appointed to serve in positions that were unexpectedly vacated.  The current board is Chairman – Nancy Evans (Fairfield Inn & Suites), Vice-Chair – Cinthia Sandoval (Wild Ocean Seafood Restaurant), Treasurer – Dana LeVasseur (KSC Visitor Complex) and Secretary – Dawna Thorstad (Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant). Members are now able to order […]

Titusville Area Visitors Council Update – April 2017

The TAVC must replace two board members that needed to resign for business and personal reasons.  The TAVC will choose a Chairman and Treasurer among the current and active committee members. Five thousand of the seasonal vacation guide inserts have been distributed to the five Visit Florida Welcome Centers, the new Titusville Welcome Center, member businesses and […]

Space Budgets, Policy, Missions, Benefits, International Updates

Human Space Exploration Update (July 10-28, 2017) US-Russian, Space and Sanctions:  Russia sanctions bill clears Congress  NASA activities with Russia and space launches conducted for NASA are exempted from Senate legislation imposing sanctions against Russia. The measure matches legislation approved by the House. The legislation, if signed by the president, will impose sanctions against Russian individuals […]

Commercial Space Transportation

Human Space Exploration Update (July 10-28, 2017) Commercial Crew Progress: NASA and companies express growing confidence in commercial crew schedules The latest scheduling from NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and its contract partners Boeing and SpaceX shows both companies conducting uncrewed and crewed test flights in 2018. If the planning holds, the U.S. would be launching astronauts into […]

Orion and Space Launch System

Human Space Exploration Update (July 10-28, 2017) Orion Space Suit:  Orion spacesuits put to a vacuum test at NASA  At NASA’s Johnson Space Center, engineers test an advanced version of the agency’s space shuttle space suit for use by astronauts assigned to flights aboard the Orion crew exploration capsule. Engineers shared photos as the suits were […]

Executive Branch

Human Space Exploration Update (July 10-28, 2017) Space Council:  Space groups hailing appointment of Scott Pace as National Space Council executive  Exploration advocates back the Trump Administration’s choice of Scott Pace to lead the recently re-established White House National Space Council. The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration and Commercial Spaceflight Federation are among those applauding the choice. […]