International Space Station

Bread Crumbs in Space:  ‘Bake in Space’: Experiment to test baking crumb-free bread on Space Station  Bake in Space is an experiment scheduled to launch to the International Space Station next year to determine whether there is a crumb free bread suitable for a space menu. German researchers are attempting to solve a problem with… [Continue Reading]

Brevard Delivers: Quarterly Report (June 2017)

Brevard Delivers is a County-published update on County Government upcoming projects, projects that are underway and projects that have recently been completed.  The publication, which is available in the second, third and fourth quarters in electronic form only, also features in-depth stories on major projects that the County is undertaking, including tax-funded restoration of the… [Continue Reading]

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New Astronauts:  NASA introduces 12 new astronauts  Vice President Mike Pence joined Robert Lightfoot, NASA’s acting administrator, in Houston on Wednesday to introduce a new class of U.S. astronaut recruits. “I can’t tell you how privileged and honored I feel today to be able to congratulate the newest class of American heroes, the 2017 class… [Continue Reading]

Commercial Space Transportation

Dragon Mission to ISS:  SpaceX launches its first refurbished Dragon cargo ship to the Space Station  SpaceX’s 11th NASA contracted Dragon cargo capsule lifted off for the International Space Station on Saturday with nearly 6,000 pounds of crew supplies and scientific experiments.  (See also:  S.S. John Glenn freighter departs Space Station after successful cargo delivery Starliner… [Continue Reading]

Orion and Space Launch System

Orion/SLS Ride for Cube Sats: SLS Test Fire: Powerful NASA SLS rocket engine test-fired in Mississippi | video Watch the 500 second test firing of an RS-25 rocket engine. One of four assigned to the first stage of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket, the engine is a crucial component of the heavy lift rocket… [Continue Reading]

International Space Station

Crew Adds Capabilities:  Additional astronaut on the Space Station means dozens of new team members on the ground  NASA’s recent announcement of an additional crew member to the International Space Station, which will effectively double the amount of science data acquired from the orbiting laboratory, means a lot of changes. Many of them are on… [Continue Reading]

September 2017 North Brevard Business Review

This quarter’s Business Review features news on the following developments: Astro Pak acquires a 45,000 sq. ft. industrial facility in Spaceport Commerce Park; Orbital ATK makes an historic launch from the Cape; and Area firms work to establish an apprenticeship program to meet workforce needs. — The North Brevard Business Review is published quarterly by the… [Continue Reading]

Titusville Chamber Announces the 2016-17 Outstanding Young Adult Scholarship Winner

Alexis Armstrong, a senior at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School has been chosen to receive the $1000.00 Outstanding Young Adult Scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year. Alexis was chosen from among 18 qualifying North Brevard seniors, each of whom received a certificate of recognition for their performance academically and in the community.  The scholarship will be awarded… [Continue Reading]

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Space Council:  Executive Order creating National Space Council expected soon The White House is close to re-establishing the National Space Council, a cabinet level group led by the vice president to help shape U.S. space policy, according to Bob Walker, an advisor to the Trump Administration and former chair of the House Science, Space and… [Continue Reading]

Commercial Space Transportation

Starliner Engine Testing:  Starliner’s propulsion system engines complete qualification tests  The steering system thrusters for Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner have been qualified. Aerojet Rocketdyne hardware will help steer the capsule in development under NASA’s Commercial Crew program to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station. Citizens for Space Exploration – a pro-space, taxpayer, grassroots… [Continue Reading]