Continuing Resolution:  Lightfoot: No negative impact for NASA from new CR  NASA should be able to spend as needed to keep Exploration Mission-1 on track under the U.S. budget Continuing Resolution passed by the Senate late last week. Passed earlier by the U.S. House, the new CR remains in effect through April in lieu of […]

President-elect Trump – Transition

Transition Team for NASA:  Trump adds six more to NASA transition team  A half dozen experts have joined the Chris Shank-led transition team for President-elect Donald Trump at NASA. They include Steve Cook, who worked on Ares rocket development for the George W. Bush administration’s now cancelled Constellation program, and Sandra Magnus, a former NASA […]

International Space Station

Photos from ISS:  NASA releases top 16 photos from the International Space Station from 2016  The whole world stars in an all-star lineup of the 16 best photos snapped from the International Space Station in 2016. Auroras over Australia are pretty amazing. Citizens for Space Exploration – a pro-space, taxpayer, grassroots advocacy group ( – […]

Orion and Space Launch System

Orion Highlights 2016 and Nov 2016: and Orion Service Module:  Orion service module engine shipped to Europe  The NASA-furnished rocket engine that will fit onto the Orion capsule slated for a crucial late 2018 unpiloted test launch of the Space Launch System explorationrocket has been shipped to Europe. There it will be mated to Orion’s […]

Commercial Space Transportation

Commercial Crew:  NASA has a new way to fly  The U.S. has turned to Russia to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station since NASA’s space shuttle fleet was retired in 2011. But that’s changing with some important milestones ahead for Boeing and SpaceX, the two U.S. companies developing low Earth orbit astronaut […]

December 2016 North Brevard Business Review

RUAG, a Swiss technology company announces plans to occupy space in the recently completed 240,000 sq. ft. Titusville Logistics Center; Hobby Lobby was welcomed to by a large crowd at its Titusville Grand Opening;  A 52,000 sq. ft. manufacturing building available for purchase or lease has been added to the North Brevard property database. — The North Brevard […]

Space Budgets, Policy, Missions, Benefits, International Updates

Lunar Space Station:  This is NASA’s plan for humanity’s return to the moon, and beyond  A lunar-orbiting space station, positioned in the 2020s, figures prominently in NASA’s strategy to reach the Martian environs with human explorers in the 2030s. Asteroid Mission:  Smith, Babin question NASA assertion that scientists now support ARM  Chairs of the U.S. […]

Commercial Space Transportation

Orbital ATK / Cygnus Resupply Mission:  Destructive re-entry marks end to successful Cygnus OA-5 mission  Orbital ATK’s latest and most innovative NASA contracted re-supply mission carried out a planned destructive re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean. Orbital’s Cygnus re-supply capsule departed the six-person International Space Station early November 21 for an extended, […]

Orion and Space Launch System

Funding for Orion/SLS:  New CR funds government through April 28, protects SLS/Orion and JPSS  A proposed budget Continuing Resolution, written by House appropriators and approved by the House, would keep government agencies operating through April 28 at 2016 spending levels. However, a special provision would enable NASA’s Space Launch System, Orion and new ground support […]