Collaborative Initiatives

Citizens for Space Exploration

Citizens for Space Exploration is a grassroots initiative to support continued human exploration of space. Volunteers from across the country participate in this self-funded trip to Washington DC to advocate for full NASA funding and the continuation of America’s Human Spaceflight Program.

The effort is spearheaded by the Houston Bay Area Economic Partnership, and supported by chambers of commerce and economic development agencies across the United States. During the two and a half days in DC, team members are briefed on issues relating to NASA and exploration, and then meet with almost 400 congressional offices to share their passion for space exploration and urge elected officials to support a robust space program.

The Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce has proudly supported Citizens for Space Exploration for more than a decade. An estimation of cost for this trip is between $1000 and $1500. Through the generosity of Lockheed Martin, small scholarships are sometimes available to help small businesses offset the travel costs. For more information on the initiative, please visit or contact Marcia Gaedcke, Chamber President at

40 Days of Generosity

Imagine what would happen if everybody – churches, businesses, non-profits, government agencies and individuals joined together….for 40 days….with one purpose? To be GENEROUS. In North Brevard, you don’t have to imagine….we’ve seen it first hand.

40 Days of Generosity is an initiative of The Church is One in North Brevard, a coalition of pastors representing a variety of denominations. The Titusville Chamber is proud to support the effort and serve on the steering committee again for the second year.

Based on the fundamental theme of LOVE. SERVE. GIVE. CELEBRATE, this initiative aims to bring the community together in an effort to be more kind and generous to one another, and to serve our neighbors and community without the expectation of return.

During the 40 Days (September through October) everyone is encouraged to do their part, no matter how big or small. To see a need and fulfill it, and to share the initiative by circulating generosity cards throughout the community.

In the inaugural year, 40 Days of Generosity focused efforts on two important initiatives – the reopening of a family homeless shelter and the support of a community splash pad. More than $200,000 was documented as being raised by the campaign, but there is so much more that we will never be able to tally.

To learn more and get involved, please visit