Special Summary Report regarding National Space Policy Directive-1

Human Space Exploration Update (December 15, 2017)

Trump policy directive makes moon NASA’s official goal for human exploration “After 45 years, it is time to return humans to the region of the moon even as we look toward Mars,” stated Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar, president and CEO of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, who was among those gathered at the White House on Monday for President Trump’s remarks.

Trump’s moon directive earns praise from NASA, others NASA, contractor Lockheed Martin, the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration and at least two key lawmakers praised President Trump’s Space Policy Directive-1, which was issued Monday on the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 17 moon landing. The directive calls on the nation to return to the lunar surface to prepare for the human exploration of Mars and other deep space destinations.

Op-ed | We agree, Mr. President: America should return to the moon In a bi-partisan show of support from Congress, Reps Brian Babin, of Texas, and Ami Bera, of California, back efforts by the Trump administration to merge the contributions of the private sector and international community with NASA’s to return to the lunar surface with human explorers. Babin chairs the House Space Subcommittee, which serves as a policy shaping body. Bera is the Subcommittee’s ranking Democrat.

Lightfoot excited about implementing new space policy, details to come in FY2019 budget Additional details on the implementation of Space Policy Directive-1, which President Trump signed on Monday (12/11/17) directing NASA to return to the lunar surface with human explorers with commercial and international partners, will accompany the presentation of the administration’s 2019 fiscal year budget request early next year, according to Robert Lightfoot, NASA’s acting administrator. As much as possible, whatever is done on the moon will be “extensible” to Mars because that remains the horizon goal, said Lightfoot.

Q & A with Apollo 17’s Jack Schmitt: Remembering the past, looking to the future  Apollo 17, NASA’s final human mission to the lunar surface, unfolded 45 years ago this month. Harrison Schmitt, a geologist and the only scientist/NASA astronaut to participate in the six Apollo missions that landed on the moon, explains his enthusiasm for a resurgence of human deep space exploration. He’s optimistic that can happen with an investor based approach, one that would seek out resources of value to Earth and of value in furthering a human expansion deeper into space.

Humanity’s expansion into deep space is inevitable, industry experts say Houston based NanoRacks is working with three U.S. companies on a promising strategy to convert spent Atlas V launch vehicle upper stages into space habitats. Participants in the initiative include United Launch Alliance, Space Systems Loral and Space Adventures. Described at the recently concluded Space Commerce Conference and Exposition, the plan could become part of a larger public/private push to expand human exploration beyond low Earth orbit.

Japan plans to join U.S.-led moon station project Japan plans to partner with NASA in the assembly of a Deep Space Gateway, a lunar orbiting human habitat. The DSG is to serve as a terminal for human and robotic exploration of the lunar surface as well as a departure point for future human missions to the Martian realm.

NASA establishes advisory group for National Space Council The panel will consist of up to 30 member selected to advise the new National Space Council on aerospace topics, including the impacts of U.S. and international laws and regulations, national security space priorities relating to the civil and commercial space sectors, scientific and human space exploration priorities, and ways to bolster support for U.S. space priorities and leadership in space.

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