Titusville Bridge Image


Max Brewer Bridge – Sunset by Joe Zack is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Color corrected from original

Launch From Here

Favicon-TitusvilleChamberLaunch From Here fits Titusville like a glove. The power of the phrase is obviously linked to the power of the action verb ‘launch’, and that power of launch is both a vital metaphor for many kinds of launch and a realistic truth to this community. We have rocket launches projected in greater number in 2016 as the commercial launch market ramps up and the technologies and achievements of our private sector/public sector partnerships innovate the aerospace/space enterprise. The excitement of launch is contagious, always has been, and is something the world shares with us. What is probably also very obvious to most is, in the age of social sharing, viral videos and powerful search engine actions, such a phrase, Launch From Here, has bold reach and can bring organic and paid exposure in greater return, more affordably, more effectively to Titusville.

Launch From Here has the potential to make everything we do more visible to the world, in terms of our destination and its ability to attract visitors. And we should never forget that many of those visitors are our best ambassadors and some of those are the conduit for information that ultimately becomes a new business inquiry, a new family, a new decision by someone somewhere to choose to live here, work here, build their enterprise here– in the Titusville area.