Cutting-Edge U.S. Navy Simulation Facility Celebrated

Brevard County becomes home to the next generation of on-shore submarine missile testing Brevard County, FL (June 16, 2016) – Today, the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast (EDC) joined Space Florida, federal and military dignitaries, and elected officials for a first look at the state-of-the-art Strategic Weapons System Ashore (SWS Ashore) facility at […]

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 Asteroid Redirect Mission:  Op-Ed | Saving NASA’s ARM and the Journey to Mars  House appropriators have misjudged the significance of NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), according to Louis Friedman, executive director emeritus and co-founder of the Planetary Society. ARM is an important precursor to the goal of reaching Mars with human explorers, he writes.  (See […]

Commercial Space Transportation

Starliner Progress:  Starliner moves closer to crucial pad abort test Major components of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner are coming together at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to support critical flight tests in late 2017. The Starliner is in development to transport NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. […]

International Space Station

Inflatable Space Modules:  Take a look inside the 1st inflatable space room for astronauts (photos)  International Space Station astronauts offered photos of the new Bigelow Expandable Activities Module (BEAM) after opening hatches and entering for the first time on Monday. BEAM is a prototype for a reinforced fabric extendable module that could shelter astronauts on missions […]

Congress – NASA Budget

Space Policy Legislation: Bridenstine pleased by progress on space policy bill In April, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, of Oklahoma, introduced the American Space Renaissance Act, a sweeping space policy doctrine. So far, Bridenstine is pleased with how the thrust of his legislation has found its way into other legislative bills influencing the direction and financing of […]

Congress – NASA Budget

NASA Budget: Senate Appropriators Approve $19.3 Billion for NASA for FY2017 The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a NASA budget of $19.3 billion for 2017, a small increase over the 2016 level, according to the report. The measure supports work on the Space Launch System exploration rocket as well as an Enhanced Upper Stage, the Orion […]

Titusville energy firm gets incentives to stay, expand

A fast-growing Titusville energy services company plans to expand even more, after receiving incentives from the North Brevard Economic Development Zone board to help pay for renovation of an industrial facility west of downtown. The board voted 5-0 to approve New Energy Services Inc. for $90,000 in incentives to partially reimburse the costs of acquiring […]

Rail Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

TITUSVILLE, Fla. (May 13, 2016) –The City of Titusville is proud to announce the completion of the Garden Street Trail Bridge, which spans all four lanes of Garden Street (SR406). The City will be hosting a celebratory event on May 20, 2016, at 10:30 a.m. at the NORTH entrance of the bridge. Cyclists, pedestrians and […]

Florida – Human Space Exploration Update

OneWeb: Florida factory to mass-produce satellites at record pace Satellite maker OneWeb forecasts the production of 15 internet service satellites per week under the roof of a new factory that will be located outside the gates of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Central Florida. The opening is planned for late 2017. VAB: NASA’s Rocket Garage […]

Space Budgets, Policy, Missions, Benefits, International Updates

Stay the Course on Exploration: Op-ed | Stay the Course: Continue America’s Progress in Space Current U.S. space policy, in which government investments are committed to human and planetary science deep space exploration objectives, serves a range of national interests, from national security to scientific discovery and a stronger economy. Commercial sector advances into Low […]