Congress – NASA Budget

NASA Budget: Senate Appropriators Approve $19.3 Billion for NASA for FY2017 The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a NASA budget of $19.3 billion for 2017, a small increase over the 2016 level, according to the report. The measure supports work on the Space Launch System exploration rocket as well as an Enhanced Upper Stage, the Orion […]

Titusville energy firm gets incentives to stay, expand

A fast-growing Titusville energy services company plans to expand even more, after receiving incentives from the North Brevard Economic Development Zone board to help pay for renovation of an industrial facility west of downtown. The board voted 5-0 to approve New Energy Services Inc. for $90,000 in incentives to partially reimburse the costs of acquiring […]

Rail Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

TITUSVILLE, Fla. (May 13, 2016) –The City of Titusville is proud to announce the completion of the Garden Street Trail Bridge, which spans all four lanes of Garden Street (SR406). The City will be hosting a celebratory event on May 20, 2016, at 10:30 a.m. at the NORTH entrance of the bridge. Cyclists, pedestrians and […]

Florida – Human Space Exploration Update

OneWeb: Florida factory to mass-produce satellites at record pace Satellite maker OneWeb forecasts the production of 15 internet service satellites per week under the roof of a new factory that will be located outside the gates of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Central Florida. The opening is planned for late 2017. VAB: NASA’s Rocket Garage […]

Space Budgets, Policy, Missions, Benefits, International Updates

Stay the Course on Exploration: Op-ed | Stay the Course: Continue America’s Progress in Space Current U.S. space policy, in which government investments are committed to human and planetary science deep space exploration objectives, serves a range of national interests, from national security to scientific discovery and a stronger economy. Commercial sector advances into Low […]

Commercial Space Transportation

I Will Launch Commercial Crew: Citizens for Space Exploration – a pro-space, taxpayer, grassroots advocacy group ( – has traveled to Washington, D.C. the past 24 years to meet face-to-face with Members/staff of Congress to discuss the value of America’s investment in space exploration. In order to sustain that dialogue on a regular basis, Citizens […]

Orion and Space Launch System

Orion Program Update (March): Orion Acoustic Testing: Turn up the bass! Orion Service Module to begin acoustic testing at Plum Brook Station Monday will mark the start of a rigorous round of acoustic testing for the Orion capsule’s European Space Agency provided service module at NASA’s Glenn Research Center Plumbrook Station. The service module […]

International Space Station

Expandable Crew Module: Expandable crew module attached to space station The Bigelow Expandable Activities Module delivered to the International Space Station last week on the most recent U.S. commercial re-supply mission was removed from the freighter early Saturday morning using Canadian robot arm operations and attached to the orbiting lab’s Tranquility module. The prototype module […]

Construction underway on Titus Landing mall

Although it did not start at the beginning of the year as planned, construction work is underway on the long-awaited Titus Landing Shopping Center in Titusville. It’s really happening now. Although it did not start at the beginning of the year as planned, construction work is underway on the long-awaited Titus Landing Shopping Center in […]