Titusville Bridge Image


Max Brewer Bridge – Sunset by Joe Zack is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Color corrected from original


Max Brewer Bridge, in the heart of Titusville, Florida, is the gateway to nature and space.

A child flying a kite

If you are looking for an authentic Florida experience, you have found the right place! Our claim to fame is the abundant outdoor recreation and wild nature experiences standing side by side with the dazzling technology of space exploration, but it’s not all there is to see…so stop and look around.

Whether it’s museums, theater and antiquing, hiking, biking, paddling and fishing, or skydiving and kiteboarding, there is plenty for you to consider.

There’s also rewarding agri-fun in our farms and groves.  Small farm festivals and events include the rewards of sweet red strawberries, juicy blueberries and of course, citrus!

If it’s raining, don’t worry, we have plenty to keep you busy indoors.  Whatever your choice, pick one, get out and explore while enjoying Destination Titusville!

May we offer some suggestions…

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