Governmental Affairs Update – February 2017

2017 began with the reelection of Al Taylor as chairman of our committee.  The first few meetings of the year were dedicated to drafting a 2017 Legislative Priorities to be presented to the Board of Directors for their approval at the February meeting.  During this process members of the committee were tasked with verifying information… [Continue Reading]

Governmental Affairs Update – June 2016

Marcia Gaedcke reported to the committee about her Citizen’s for Space trip.  She and our Chairman, Carla McCrea attended.  She stated that this was the smallest group of travelers but they were able to make the most visits to our Representatives and Senators.  Over the 2-day period.  Their mission was to seek support for growth… [Continue Reading]

Governmental Affairs Update – April 2016

JB Kump a member of Business Voice told the committee that that group will begin interviewing candidates for offices above the municipal level.  The same questions will be asked of all candidates running for the same office.  Membership in that group is still open and there are three levels of membership which allows businesses of… [Continue Reading]

Governmental Affairs Update – March 2016

Citizens for Space, a self- funded trip to Washington is May 24-26th. There is a small scholarship available to encourage people to attend. Lockheed Martin, who provided the scholarship would like to see more students attend. Business Voice is working to interview candidate before making their endorsements. Our Legislative Breakfast is scheduled for May 19th…. [Continue Reading]

Governmental Affairs Update – September 2015

The committee began the process of drafting a 2016 Legislative agenda. This document will be sent to our Board of Directors for their approval at their October meeting. A survey consisting of some of the following was approved. Some of the issues that were discussed concerned insurance. Since rates have begun to fall this might… [Continue Reading]