September 2017 North Brevard Business Review

This quarter’s Business Review features news on the following developments: Astro Pak acquires a 45,000 sq. ft. industrial facility in Spaceport Commerce Park; Orbital ATK makes an historic launch from the Cape; and Area firms work to establish an apprenticeship program to meet workforce needs. — The North Brevard Business Review is published quarterly by the […]

Titusville Chamber Announces the 2016-17 Outstanding Young Adult Scholarship Winner

Alexis Armstrong, a senior at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School has been chosen to receive the $1000.00 Outstanding Young Adult Scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year. Alexis was chosen from among 18 qualifying North Brevard seniors, each of whom received a certificate of recognition for their performance academically and in the community.  The scholarship will be awarded […]

Space Budgets, Policy, Missions, Benefits, International Updates

Space Council:  Executive Order creating National Space Council expected soon The White House is close to re-establishing the National Space Council, a cabinet level group led by the vice president to help shape U.S. space policy, according to Bob Walker, an advisor to the Trump Administration and former chair of the House Science, Space and […]

Commercial Space Transportation

Starliner Engine Testing:  Starliner’s propulsion system engines complete qualification tests  The steering system thrusters for Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner have been qualified. Aerojet Rocketdyne hardware will help steer the capsule in development under NASA’s Commercial Crew program to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station. Citizens for Space Exploration – a pro-space, taxpayer, grassroots […]

Orion and Space Launch System

Orion Rocket Motor Test:  The abort rocket motor for NASA’s Orion spacecraft just aced a big test  Orbital ATK announced that the company’s contribution to the Abort System rocket for NASA’s Orion crew exploration capsule performed successfully during a recent ground test. If there were an emergency during liftoff, the rocket would help steer Orion […]

International Space Station

Exploration and Commercialization:  Made in Space  The International Space Station (ISS) serves two critical roles for pioneering space development. It is our gateway to human exploration of the solar system and an incubator for the commercial development of space beyond telecommunications. Made In Space is a small business that has capitalized on the unique capabilities […]

NASA Budget

FY17 Appropriations:  Trump signs $1 trillion spending bill, keeps government open  President Trump signed a 2017 appropriations measure that funds government operations through September 30, the end of the current fiscal year. The measure includes $19.653 billion for NASA, a $368 million increase over 2016 and $628 million more than proposed for 2017 by President […]

Space Budgets, Policy, Missions, Benefits, International Updates

Outer Space Treaty:  Cruz interested in updating Outer Space Treaty to support commercial space activities  Senator Ted Cruz, chair of the Senate’s Space Subcommittee, indicated it may be time to seek changes to the 50-year-old UN Outer Space Treaty in order to encourage U.S. commercial space activities through ownership of recovered resources from the moon […]

Commercial Space Transportation

Starliner Progress:  Despite delays, Boeing’s Starliner moving steadily toward the launch pad  Boeing is moving closer to a goal of re-establishing a U.S. human space launch capability with the CST-100 Starliner. Starliner and SpaceX’s crewed Dragon are to provide commercial transportation to and from the International Space Station as soon as late 2018. Crews to […]

Orion and Space Launch System

Deep Space Gateway: Flying Crew on EM-1:  NASA’s study of adding crew to EM-1 is completed, awaiting response  NASA’s assessment of whether it can add astronauts to EM-1, the first joint test flight of the Space Launch System and Orion crew exploration capsule, is complete and has been briefed to the White House as […]